Juicy Booty

Embark on mighty pirate Captain Lemmy the lemur’s juicy quest for the 3 lost keys to the treasure chest jackpot filled with enormous riches! Slice fruit and replace them with multiple symbols at any spin and win with up to 15 fruit symbols on a pay line. Fire the explosive cannon during the free spins to blow open mystery crates full of fruit! Aim and shoot at flying fruit from high up the mast to reveal more cash prizes or even the lost keys in the juicy bursts!


  • FRUIT SLICE FEATURE – Lemmy can catch his sword at any spin and use it to slice and dice any fruit symbols in the reel area, replacing them with more of the same kind – enabling players to win with up to 15 fruit symbols per pay line!
  • CANNON FREE SPINS – Triggered by 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, the player must detonate shaking gun powder barrels to reveal the amount of CANNON FREE SPINS won and bring Lemmy into position on top of the cannon. During CANNON FREE SPINS only fruit symbols and mystery crates exist, and crates will be blown-up by Lemmy, revealing up to 3 fruit symbols per crate!
  • FRUIT SHOOT BONUS – Triggered by 3 scatter symbols Captain Lemmy will grab his black powder pistol, climb the mast and shoot fruits into pieces mid air! Every hit either awards a cash prize or one of the 3 lost keys to the treasure chest!
  • TREASURE JACKPOT – Collecting 3 golden keys in the FRUIT SHOOT BONUS will unlock and win the TREASURE CHEST JACKPOT!


  • GTS
  • Virtuefusion
  • Playtech Open Platform
  • Playtech Casino
  • Other platforms might be supported upon request
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