3 Blind Mice


A feature-packed gaming adventure with the 3 Blind Mice. Join their hunt for sticky cheese and other delicacies in the farmer’s wife’s shop and enjoy the vast variety of bonus rounds that can be won at any spin. Are you ready to get a whiff of luck?


  • STICKY CHEESE AND CHEESE WILDS – Mice love cheese and they have to eat through any that lands next to them. Whenever a mouse nibbles through cheese, it will turn that cheese into a CHEESE WILD for that spin and it then becomes a STICKY CHEESE for the next spin.
  • FARMER’S WIFE WILD – Whenever a mouse reaches the knife symbol on reel 3, the farmer’s wife will go WILD and expand over the whole reel.
  • WHACK-A-MOUSE BONUS – This interactive bonus rounds requires the right timing and dexterity. Every whacked mouse wins cash or more whacks.
  • BIG CHEESE TRAIL BONUS – Roll the dice in this suspense-filled trail bonus and get your mouse to the end of the trail where you can spin the BIG CHEESE WHEEL OF FORTUNE for even bigger winnings!
  • 8 SPECIAL IN-REEL BONUSES – Win 1 out of 8 possible in-reel bonuses on any spin. These bonuses range from guaranteed CHEESE WILDS and shortcut triggers of the main bonus rounds to a guaranteed 5-of-a-kind win or the thrilling SYMBOL RUSH feature!


  • This game is available through Leander Games
  • Other platforms might be supported upon request
For further information about the game please contact sales@sunfoxgames.com