Latest Games

  • 3 Blind Mice
    Follow the 3 Blind Mice on their adventures in the farmer's wife's store, where cheese leads the way to the biggest winnings. Interactive bonus rounds and several in-reel features turn 3 Blind Mice into an amazing gaming experience.
  • Cash Mix
    Have a sunny good time with Edgar and his friends at the Cash Mix beach bar! Enjoy fantastic drinks mixed and grab some winnings on the go. Winning streaks will result in even bigger winnings with increasing multipliers...



Meccabingo launched the first SUNFOX exclusive and pure HTML5 game Cash Mix, taking gaming with HTML5 to a new level!

If you want learn more, please contact the SUNFOX sales team.


SUNFOX Games is now officially licensed by the UK Gambling Commission!
We are proud to meet the high standards set by the Gambling Commission and are looking forward to offer our products and services to the UK.


The Casino Job Jackpot is the game to watch in 2015!

The jury at the ICE 2015 “game to watch” competition voted The Casino Job Jackpot as their favorite with 4 out of 5 votes! Mobile version available soon.